Prescription Rechecks

Examinations and contact lens fitting fees represent payments for services that were rendered and are not refundable.  Patients may receive one free prescription recheck within 60 days of their initial examination.  Additional prescription rechecks are $40.00.  A prescription recheck beyond six months of your initial examination results in a new examination.  

Return Policy

Once your custom order is placed, you have until the end of that business day to cancel it.  Otherwise, all sales are final.  We do not offer an exchange or refund for restyling frames.  We do not replace lost or stolen eyeglasses.  We provide a one-time prescription lens or frame remake within 60 days of placing your initial order.  If you are unable to adjust to an outside doctor's prescription, then we will provide you with one free remake as long as you return with an updated prescription within 60 days of placing your initial order.  Additional remakes cost 50% of your original total (this excludes prior insurance benefits, prior discounts or reimbursements).  If your remake is a product of lesser value, then there is no reimbursement. If it is of higher value, then you are responsible for the difference.  Non-prescription eyewear can be returned within 30 days in its original condition.  If you have scratches on your anti-reflective coating, then you may receive a one-time remake within one year of your original purchase. Any unopened or unmarked boxes of contact lenses purchased from us may be returned or exchanged within 60 days from the date you received your order.  Otherwise, all sales are final.

Policy for Medicaid Eyeglasses

Medicaid requires 4-6 weeks to deliver eyeglasses.  If your eyeglasses are not picked up within one year from the date of order, then they will be returned to Medicaid.  Medicaid does not cover accidental scratches or damages.  We do not replace lost or stolen eyeglasses.  If you prefer, then you may use your prescription to purchase eyeglasses or use your benefit elsewhere.  If you are unable to adjust to the prescription that you received from our optometrist, then you may receive one free prescription recheck within 60 days of receiving your initial order.