About Us

We offer complete eye exams and contact lens fittings!

We monitor patients for cataracts, diabetes, glaucoma, and many more eye conditions.  We treat eye infections, injuries, allergies, and dry eyes.

 Dr. Charles is our in-house optometrist with over ten years of experience.  He is committed to providing you with exceptional service.  

His personal level of care will have you and your family seeing clearly and looking good! 

Tee, our lead assistant and technician, has worked with Dr. Charles for over six years. 

Tee handles scheduling, billing, eyeglass dispensing, and patient communication.  

Ese, our administrative assistant, has worked with Dr. Charles for three years. 

Ese assists Dr. Charles with our office bookkeeping and nursing home operations.

Dava, our mobile technician, has worked with Dr. Charles for a combined six years. 

Dava assists Dr. Charles with all nursing home operations, examinations, and services.